Family Access Manager

Family access enables you to share a paid Agave access plan with others in your family using the same ISY.

The following is required to use the Family Manager/Managed account:

  1. Family manager must have a paid Agave Access Level (excludes Basic Access and the weekly subscription All Access Pass)
  2. Family manager must purchase a Family Access Manager plan
  3. Managed account (ex., your family member) must enable Android Contacts permission on their device

Purchase Family Access Manager

In order to use the Family Access Manager, you must purchase Family Access Manager using the Google account used to purchased Agave:

  1. Navigate in Agave to Settings > Access Level
  2. Click a Family Access Manager plan (+1, +2, or +3 for 1, 2, and 3 added members, respectively)
  3. Click Buy to add Family Access Manager

Create access code

To create access code for another family member:

  1. Navigate in Agave to SettingsFamily Members
  2. Click New Family Member
  3. Optionally choose what level of access will be shared by clicking the top access menu. You will only be able to choose access levels that you have purchased. This is useful if you want to limit the access level available to your family member. Choosing Full Access enables you to select/deselect add-ons you have purchased and/or are enabled on your ISY (Thermostat, Irrigation, Programs/Vars, Portal, and ELK)
  4. Set a Member Name, which is used only as a label you will recognize for this family member
  5. Set and verify the PIN, which you will need to securely share with your family member when they log into Agave and each time you update this family member's access. There is no way for you or anyone else will be able to look up this PIN; if you forget this PIN you will need to re-create that family member access
  6. Tap Create Member


Join the family logon

To join the family logon,

  1. Launch Agave and log into the ISY
  2. Navigate to SettingsFamily Logon
    If Family Logon does not display,Verify there is an unused Family Access Code,

    1. Exit Agave and re-launch Agave, and
    2. navigate to Family Logon
  3. Enter the Family Access Code. To enter by QR Code,
    1. Tap the QR code button on the Family Manager's device
    2. Tap the QRCode button
    3. Scan the QR Code on the Family Manager's device
  4. Enter the PIN
  5. Tap Join Family
  6. If you have more than one account on your device, select the account to use and tap OK

You now have access to Agave



Change/Update Member access level

  1. Navigate to SettingsFamily Access Manager
  2. Tap the Member name you want to modify
  3. Enter the PIN for the member and tap OK
  4. Update Access Level, add-on access, Member name, or PIN as desired
  5. Tap Update Member to save changes

Disable or Delete Member

  1. Navigate to SettingsFamily Access Manager
  2. Tap the Member name you want to disable or delete
  3. Enter the PIN for the member and tap OK
  4. Tap Disable or Delete to disable or delete, respectively