Scenes are relatively easy ideas to envision.  Scenes are groups of devices or switches that act as a single action in your home.  If for example you wanted to be able to turn on all of your basement lights at once, you would create a scene on the ISY and add each switch for the basement lights as a responder to that scene.  From this point you can use Agave to turn on that scene whenever you would like or even tell if any of those switches is currently on with a quick view at the status.

Scene Actions


Scene Members

Members of the scene will be displayed in multiple ways.
RED are controllers of the scene (physical devices that can turn the scene on/off).
BLUE are responders of the scene (lights/switches that will respond to on/off changes to the scene).
GREY are devices that have been disabled on the ISY.
STRIKETHOUGH are devices that are set to not be calculated on the current status of the scene.

Screenshot_20160523-150408 Screenshot_20160523-145156

Member Actions

Click - Go to member device detail activity
Long Press - Include/Exclude member from scene calculation