Agave has custom layouts based on screen size and type of device.  This helps to ensure that no matter what device you use, you will always get the best experience.

What's included

Basic Control

  • Subscription for realtime updates
  • SSL Connections
  • Customizable for almost any setup
  • Insteon On/Off Switch Relay control
  • Insteon Dimmer Control
  • Insteon IO Linc Sensor/Relay Contro
  • Insteon Triggerlinc Open/Close sensor
  • Insteon Motion Sensors
  • Insteon Smoke Sensor
  • Insteon LED lights
  • Zwave Door locks
  • ISY Scene Control
  • Customizable button and status labels for most devices
  • Weather 

Extended Control

  • External access to your ISY beyond local LAN or VPN
  • Multiple ISY connections
  • Add Insteon and X10 devices to the ISY from within the app
  • Add Scenes to the ISY from within the app 
  • Add and edit Rooms to the ISY from within the app


  • UDI Portal (Requires subscription through UDI)
  • Direct Connection to ISY via wireless, broadband, cellular data, etc.
    • Primary – often a home network connection (192.168.x.x address)
    • Secondary – usually external/data connection
      • May require port forwarding on your router and/or service through your Internet provider


  • Control multiple ISYs
  • Allow multiple users to maintain their own settings and favorites


  • PIN Access optional
  • All user authentication data stored on device is encrypted and SALTed with PIN if used.
    • If PIN is not used, login data on your device is still encrypted
  • Each profile defines its own PIN settings and preferences

Family Access Manager

  • Enable access for family members on your authorized ISYs


Sprinkler support

  • EZFlora/EZRain controls

Variable/Program support

  • Run programs in all conditions
  • Customizable Variables
    • Custom naming for more app readable variables 
    • Standard input
    • Toggle (ON/OFF)
      • Customizable status and buttons options
    • Slider
      • Customizable min and max values

Thermostat support

  • Control and navigate thermostat controls

UDI Portal support

  • Access your ISY via the Universal Devices (UDI) portal for secure, external connectivity
  • The best way to get notifications about what's happening in your home (doesn't depend on your phone having direct network access to your ISY when an event occurs)

Elk M1 Security support

  • Control and manage your Elk M1 control from Agave
  • Arm/Disarm areas and view zone statues
  • Control all output functionality
    • Custom naming for better app viewing
    • ON/OFF controls
      • Optional auto-off timer
    • Momentary control

Planned Additions

(This list is subject to change)

  • android wear support
  • iBeacon support
  • geo-fencing
  • google voice integration