Agave ISY Controller

Privacy Policy

The Agave application (“app”) and this web site ( collect some Personal Data from its Users.
EIP LLC considers all collected data private and will not use that data for any purpose other than as described below.

Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

Trial period

The Agave app tracks trial length and status by recording the ISY hardware address (a MAC address) in an encrypted format, the date the ISY was first connected using Agave, and the number of times Agave has been launched during the trial period. The Agave app uses these values to determine if your 30-day free trial has been activated and, subsequently, expired.

When you first install Agave, you will be prompted for permission to store this data in order to activate your All Access trial. If you do not consent to this data being stored, you may instead purchase an Agave base package, which will not store this data.

Personal Data: ISY hardware address and date first registered.

This data will be stored for 5 years and will not be shared with any 3rd parties unless required by law.

Crash reports

Both Android and iOS platforms automatically send Crash Reports if you’ve enabled them on your device. We don’t receive any information that we could use to identify you, but if you don’t like submitting this kind of information (device brand/model, RAM, Android version, hour of the day, and a “stack trace”) to Google or Apple, you should disable this automatic reporting.

We won’t share the information you submit in crash reports–via automatic reporting or ones you manually submit–with anyone else, and we will only use the crash report to debug a problem in Agave to try to update the app with a bugfix.

Android crash reports
iOS crash reports

Google Analytics

We use anonymous analytics data to monitor how users navigate within the Agave app, in aggregate, to gain insights about how we can improve your experience with the Agave app. We do not disclose any information collected or stored to third parties except as required by law. You can enable and disable Google Analytics in Agave Settings > Privacy > Google Analytics

We also use anonymous analytics data to monitor how visitors navigate within the website, in aggregate, to gain insights about how we can improve the website. We do not have advertising features enabled. We do not disclose any information collected or stored to third parties except as required by law. You can opt out of Google Analytics in particular. You could also use a privacy tool like Adblock Plus or Privacy Badger to block execution of Google Analytics.

How Google uses data when you use Agave app or

Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

User and event data is retained for 14 months.

Apple TestFlight

If you register to be a beta user for Agave on the iOS platform using TestFlight, your Apple ID (a.k.a., your email address), usage of Agave (including last-used date and number of launches), crash count, and any crash reports you submit will be logged to Apple. If you no longer want to be part of the beta program, you should delete yourself as a tester in the app’s details page in TestFlight.


We use any information you provide us by any channel (support email, Bitbucket issue tracker, UDI Forums, Facebook page, Twitter) for the purpose of resolving any bugs you report or identifying feature enhancements to the Agave app or website documentation. We encourage you to review any information you are about to provide to ensure it does not reveal any sensitive information (such as your ISY username/password) for your own security.

On occasion we may ask you to provide your Google Account address, your Apple ID, or your ISY MAC address to verify purchase of Agave’s paid features in the course of debugging a problem you report. This data will never be used for any other purpose than what we tell you it’s for when we ask for it.

Personal Data: Any information you send to us by email, online forum posts / private messages, social media posts / private messages, etc.

Contact information

Data owner: EIP LLC


EIP LLC may amend this privacy policy from time to time and so we encourage you to periodically review it.

Last updated June 7, 2018