Elk M1 Support

New Beta tests have started.  Agave Beta now supports Elk M1 home security.  If you have and ELK system, use an ISY and have an android device, go to Agave ELK Forums for more information.


30 day FREE trial

Agave is an android ISY app that comes with a free 30-day trial to let you experience for yourself everything you can control from just your phone. During your free trial, you will have access to every feature Agave has to offer.


Built on ISY

ISY is the most reliable, low cost, and autonomous home/building automation and energy management system supporting off the shelf communicating devices.

Universal Devices

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Agave Home Automation allows for seamless, secure and customizable remote access to your Universal Devices ISY Controller from your AndroidTM smartphone and tablet¹.

Agave is compatible with many of your INSTEON® and ZWAVE® devices.

You can use all the features of Agave ISY android app for free for 30-days. Try Agave out and let us know what you think.
After the free trial, flexible packages are available to buy the features you want most.

Download Agave Home Automation on Google PlayTM.

Agave Home Automation Features

  • Control of both Insteon® and Zwave® devices via the Universal Devices ISY home control center
  • Secure SSL connection
  • Customizable home screen – Move the controls for you most used devices for easier access
  • Customizable buttons and status updates – Change switch types and status indicators to fit your home automation set up
  • Connect to your home network via WiFi, mobile data or UDI Portal
  • WiFi only package – Allows you to use you Android device as an at home controller
  • Real time home status updates
  • PIN code locking and Encrypted user credentials
  • Multiple profiles and device support
  • Scene control – single button control for multiple device settings

INSTEON® Devices

  • LED Lights
  • On/Off Switch Relay Control
  • Thermostats Monitoring and Adjustment
  • Customizable I/O Linc Sensor and Relay Control
  • Triggerlinc Sensors
  • Motion Sensor Monitoring (2420 verified)
  • Smoke Sensors
  • EZFlora Lawn Sprinklers
  • More to come

ZWAVE® Devices

  • Door Locks
  • Thermostats Monitoring and Adjustment
  • Aeon Multisensors
  • MIMOLite Sensors
  • Lighting and Switches
  • More to come

ISY Features

  • Program controls
  • Variable support

Features in Development

  • Elk Home Security
  • Weather data integration
  • Video IP camera support
  • Android Wear support

¹Agave requires Android 4.1 or higher

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