Agave ISY Controller

Access Level Guide

  One-time purchase price (USD) Quick overview
See the Features page for a detailed comparison between packages

Base Packages
Includes updates of included features to maintain compatibility with updated Android™ and iOS™ versions.
Basic Limited $5.99 Basic functionality for use on the same network as your ISY (e.x., at home on your home network). Useful for a home tablet keypad.
Extended $15.99 Basic Limited features PLUS:
Access directly to your ISY outside your home network, e.x. using your phone's mobile data connection or Starbucks's free Wi-Fi®; profiles / multiple ISY connections; add new devices to ISY from within Agave; create new Scenes to the ISY from within Agave; add/edit rooms (folders) to ISY from within Agave; variable precision (ISY 5.x firmware required). Does not include ISY Portal access.
All Access $99.99 Basic Limited and Extended features PLUS:
All available Add-ons, all supported devices, all features, and all future feature/device/Add-on updates. All new Agave features are automatically available as they are released. Does not include Family Manager.
All Access Subscription $2/week Same features as All Access, but an affordable option to evaluate Agave without logging your ISY or to re-evaluate after your free trial has expired. Not compatible with Family Access Manager.
Be sure to Cancel Your Subscription after you're done evaluating!

Updates of included features, e.x. as IoT vendors introduce new, ISY-compatible, devices in the Add-on category.
Sprinklers $7.99 EZFlora/EZRain controls
Thermostats $7.99 Control and navigate thermostats
Program/Variables $7.99 Manage programs and variables
ISY Portal $7.99 Connect to your ISY via the UDI Portal for secure external connectivity. The best way to get notifications since it won't depend on your phone having direct connection to your ISY. *Requires UDI Portal Subscription. How to connect to UDI Portal
ELK M1 Security $17.99 Access your ELK M1 via your ISY integration. Arm/disarm all zones, Bypass individual zones, access keypad function keys.

Family Manager
Updates of any included features available to the Base Package.
1 family member $9.99 Grant access to your ISY for 1, 2, or 3 additional Google or Apple Accounts (can be combined for a total of 6). Optionally limit access to ISY features. Grant/revoke access to entire ISY. How to use Family Access Manager
2 family members $19.99
3 family members $29.99