Agave ISY Controller

Connect to UDI Portal


  1. Configure your ISY to connect to the portal, if you haven’t already done so - ISY Portal Installation Instructions

  2. Verify that the ISY you want to use with Agave is set as the Primary ISY in the portal (even if you only have one ISY).

    • Log in to the portal
    • Click My Profile
    • From the My Preferred ISY drop-down, select the UUID of the ISY that should be primary
    • Click Save
    • Repeat for each UDI Portal user that will use Agave with the UDI Portal

My Profile link is at the top right of the screen

To connect to the UDI Portal using Agave,

  1. Go to Agave menu > Settings
  2. Check the Enable Portal Access checkbox
    Note: If you do not have an Enable Portal Access checkbox, you first need to purchase the Portal add-on to Agave or upgrade to All Access Pass.
  3. Go to > Portal Settings
  4. Enter your Portal Username and Portal Password (if you forgot these, reset at
  5. Click the Save button
  6. If the connection to the portal was a success message will appear. If the connection was not successful, a “Portal login update failure” message will appear and you should try re-entering your username/password. If that does not succeed, you should verify your connection to the Internet and to the UDI Portal (try connecting to using a web browser).