Agave ISY Controller

IOlinc for garage door opener

IOlinc-garage door sensor assemblies appear in ISY as two devices–a sensor and a relay. In Agave, these are merged into one “device” to make it simpler to use. You’ll find it under  > Things > Sensors/Security.

To configure the device to work as a garage door opener,

  1. Check the Single Button checkbox to make the device display just one button
  2. Tap Options to set custom labels for Status and Button, for example,
    (status) ON -> Closed
    OFF -> Open
    (button) OFF -> Toggle
  3. Save/Close
  4. Depending on how you’ve connected the sensor to the IOlinc, you may need to check the Reverse Device Status button (else reverse your custom labels)

This will make it function like a momentary garage door switch.