Agave ISY Controller

Backup and Restore

You can back up Agave settings to a file to make easier to set up a new device with your preferred home screen favorites, device aliases, etc.

Currently not available on iOS version of Agave.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Data & Sync > Backup & Restore
  2. Tap Backup
  3. Tap Share Selected Backup and then Continue to choose a destination for your backup file, e.x. Google Drive, or email to yourself

The backup does not include connection settings to your ISY, so you will still need to manually enter ISY connection details when you restore from this backup file.


  1. Download Agave from Google Play while signed in to the same Google account used to purchase Agave
  2. Log in to your ISY as usual
  3. Download your backup file onto your new device and use a File Browser to move the restore file to the Agave_Backup folder in the device storage root
  4. Navigate to Settings > Data & Sync > Backup & Restore
  5. Choose the backup file from the selection menu and tap Restore