Agave ISY Controller


Back Button

Tap the back button to navigate to the previous screen in Agave.

LongPress the back button to navigate back to the home/favorites screen in Agave.

Connection Icon

The Connection Icon indicates which connection (from Settings) is currently in use:

Primary connection
Secondary connection
Cloud symbol
UDI Portal connection

The Connection Icon color indicates the subscription status:

Subscription connected/active
Connected to ISY and can send commands but subscription not complete
Red (circle)
Not connected

Tap the Connection Icon to attempt to reconnect (if connected but without subscription) and sync data from the ISY.

Connection icon may show 1 (primary), 2 (secondary) or cloud (UDI Portal) symbol to denote the active connection

Update all device data

Agave syncs data when it first opens but destructive updates won’t auto-apply (such as devices/scenes removed from ISY). If you need to do a full reload of devices/statuses,

  1. Make sure you are connected with a reliable Internet connection
  2. Go to Settings and tap the Refresh Data option.

This process will remove “ghost” or old devices, including settings that have been removed from the ISY but still appear in Agave.