Agave ISY Controller

Debug Log

If you encounter an error in Agave that you’re able to reproduce, please send a debug log so that we can try to fix the problem.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General Preferences
  2. Check the Enable Debug Mode checkbox (a ‘bug’ icon will appear in the header bar when debugging is enabled)
  3. Perform the action that causes an error in Agave
  4. Tap the ‘bug’ icon
  5. Choose the way you would like to send the error log (e.x. your Gmail account)
  6. Please provide additional information in the email about what you did to cause the error unless you’ve already been in contact with us and we asked you to send a debug log for an error you’ve already explained
  7. Disable the debug log (Settings > General Preferences > uncheck Enable Debug Mode) to avoid the file getting excessively large