Agave ISY Controller

Connect to ISY (remote)


  1. Configure remote ISY access (option 1)

    • Take note of the IP Address (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn), and the Port number (if you changed it from default 443) where you can access your ISY
  2. Important: test your ability to connect to your ISY remotely using a Web browser (such as Google Chrome or Safari) on your mobile device. If you can’t connect from the mobile device using a Web browser, Agave won’t be able to connect either.
    In the mobile Web browser, type the address for your ISY:
    for example, https://123.456.789.012:4321
    If navigating to the above address (specific to your ISY) does not display the default ISY Web interface, either remote access is not properly configured, or the IP/port used are not correct. You must fix the problem before proceeding to connect with Agave.

Set up connection in Agave

  1. Go to Agave menu > Settings > ISY Logon Settings > Login Settings
  2. Enter the ISY Username and ISY Password
  3. Enter the connection details for remote access
    ISY Address : IP address (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn) or host name ( without protocol and port
    (port): The connection port, if not the displayed default (80/insecure, 443/secure)
    Use SSL: Check if SSL (secure) connection should be used, uncheck if SSL should not be used (insecure)

    By convention, many Agave users enter their remote IP settings in the Secondary URL field; however, if you don’t use any local/home network access, it is also fine to enter it as the Primary URL.

  4. Click the Save button
  5. If the connection to the ISY was a success, a success message will appear.
    If the connection was not successful, a “login update failure” message will appear and you should try re-entering your username/password and connection information. If that does not succeed, you should verify your connection to the Internet and to your ISY using a web browser on the same mobile device).