Agave ISY Controller

Shortcuts / Widgets

Agave supports application shortcuts to help you quickly control your ISY without launching Agave and navigating through the Agave screens to find a device.

As of December 2018, this feature is available only with Agave for Android. Shortcuts in Agave for iPhone/iPad is in the works.

For detailed information about adding apps, shortcuts, & widgets to your home screens, see Google’s Android Help article.

Add an Agave shortcut to your home screen

  1. Long-press on the Agave app icon (either in the application drawer/list or a shortcut on your home screen)
  2. Tap and drag the handle for the intended device to your home screen

Tapping the shortcut will automatically launch Agave and display the device.

Shortcut not showing the device?

If the shortcut launches Agave and displays the favorites / home screen, you may have enabled the Default Home Startup Preference. To change that startup preference,

  1. Navigate to the Agave menu > Settings > Startup Preferences
  2. Uncheck the Default Home checkbox

Credit: “Drag Finger” icon by Gary Lim
Wallpaper credit: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
(Use IFTTT to set your wallpaper to the APotD too!)