Agave ISY Controller

Connect to multiple ISYs

You can connect Agave to more than one ISY, though the steps required are slightly different if you use UDI Portal than if you do a direct connection to your ISY.

We’re going to call one ISY your “home” ISY and the other your “remote” ISY here.

Using UDI Portal

Set up the UDI Portal

To connect to any ISY via the UDI Portal, the ISY needs to be set as the “Primary ISY.” As a consequence, you’ll need to create a second portal user for the second ISY and set it as the primary ISY for that account.

  1. Configure your home ISY to your “home” UDI Portal account (see how)
  2. Create a new portal account
  3. Set your remote ISY as the Primary ISY in the new account
    1. Log in to the portal
    2. Click My Profile
    3. From the My Preferred ISY drop-down, select the UUID of your remote ISY
    4. Click Save

Connect multiple profiles to UDI Portal using Agave

  1. Go to Agave menu > Home > Account > Profiles
  2. Tap Add New Profile
  3. Name the profile (e.x., Vacation Home)
  4. Tap the new profile and tap Continue
  5. Check the Portal Login checkbox and enter the username/password for the new UDI Portal account you created

  6. Configure your secondary/remote ISY to your new UDI Portal account following the same steps as for the primary.

 > Things > Sensors/Security.